Privacy Policy

HIPPA is an acronym for the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996, a federal law. Administrative Simplification section of this Act is of Concern to our practice and requires us to comply with specific rules regarding:

  • Unique Identifiers for health plans, providers, individuals and employers
  • Healthcare Transactions & Code Sets for transmitting electronic data
  • Privacy Regulations over disclosure and use of health information
  • Security Regulations over protections of electronic health information

All of these rules have been developed by the Department of Health & Human Services and will become final in a staged manner.

It will be the policy of Southwest Internal Medicine Specialists to release confidential information with signed consent by home telephone, answering machine, work telephone, voicemail and cellular phones. Whenever returning telephone calls and the answering machine picks up, it is our policy NOT to leave confidential information if there is no recorded message identifying the residence. Confidential information will NOT be left with an unauthorized person who may answer your telephone.

If you would like to have your medical information released to someone other than yourself, please complete the following document: HIPPA Consent Form.